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When the temperature soars, feedlot cattle can suffer

Beef 911: Charges that beta-agonists caused severe lameness prompted a study that found an entirely different cause

A few years ago cattle in an American feedlot went down during transport to a packing plant and others developed severe lameness. This condition was eventually labelled fatigue cattle syndrome and became a huge animal welfare issue due to the appearance of severely lame, non-ambulatory cattle. Initially beta-agonists were incriminated but numerous studies have essentially […] Read more

4-H beef program aims at breeding over butchering

A small number of 4-H’ers in the Interlake are turning their heifer projects into purebred herds

It’s all about the ladies at Ashern’s Lakeside 4-H Beef Club. Unlike other clubs, and their focus on finishing cattle for market, this group is concentrating on breeding heifers, and senior members are aging out with a purebred herd already in hand as a result. Steers, ordinarily a 4-H staple, are in the minority, making […] Read more

Watering cattle with solar power

Producers give solar-powered watering systems top marks despite their ups and downs

It’s been five years since Doug Northam traded in his sloughs for solar, and the Rapid City producer gives his remote watering system glowing reviews. “Around here we don’t have any wells or anything, so the cows just drink out of the sloughs and when they dry back a bit they tend to be three […] Read more

Going green all the way to the bank

A new pilot will pay producers for sustainably sourced beef, but exact payment amounts are still up in the air

Select beef producers may soon get paid for sustainability, something that has been a long-dangled carrot for farmers who have been told that auditing their farms will add value. The recently launched Canadian Beef Sustainability Acceleration pilot, run through Cargill, Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+) and beef tracker Beef InfoXchange Systems (BIXS), will pay credit […] Read more

Plotting a course for the future of fed cattle price reporting

Canada’s cattle industry has been watching with a wary eye as price data thins, 
but how to fix the problem?

The cattle industry is weighing its options for a better price-reporting system that will address a chronic shortfall of information. In recent years cattle price data has become thin on the ground, something that has big implications for insurance programs, trade disputes and day-to-day decisions that rely on accurate market information. Canada’s reporting system is […] Read more

Cows herded in to holding pen

Get as much info as possible with new animals

Beef 911: Producers are doing a good job of caring for their cattle but often this information is not passed on to buyers

When purchasing or selling livestock, their health status — preventive shots given, deworming, and other relevant information — can be determined by a few simple questions. But these questions are seldom asked in cattle transactions these days. With cattle being of higher value, and often traversing long distances through different geographic areas, this information is […] Read more

More bang for the buck noted with mob grazing experiment

The numbers are in and they look good after a three-year experiment measuring the impact of high stock density grazing north of Brandon

A three-year mob grazing experiment near Bran­don is over, but the co-operating producer says he has no intention of going back to his old system. In fact, Brian Harper says he’s already planning how to build on the system and take even more advantage of the gains. “Next year, I plan to put even more […] Read more

Graze better, not bigger

There’s more to grazing than leaving cattle in a single pasture all summer, 
attendees of the Aug. 14-15 workshop with Dr. Allen Williams heard

When it comes to managing a grazing operation, bigger isn’t necessarily better. That’s according to Dr. Allen Williams, a grazing specialist, grass-fed beef advocate, sustainable beef expert and the instructor at a two-day grazing workshop in Brandon Aug. 14-15. “They have a lot more options than they ever realized that they had in terms of […] Read more

Neepawa welcomes junior cattle producers

10th annual Manitoba Youth Beef Round-Up featured demonstrations, 
judging and a show

On August 4-6, 69 enthusiastic Manitoba and Saskatchewan junior cattle producers attended the 10th annual Manitoba Youth Beef Round-Up in Neepawa. Excitement in the cattle industry brought out a top-notch group of interested cattle producers and 78 head of cattle. Where else can you attend an event with 69 junior members all working together as […] Read more

CRSB verification turns to processors as framework consultations continue

The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef has turned its eyes to the processing industry as development on its incoming verification framework continues

Beef processors are being asked how their sustainability should be graded when the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) verification framework is released later this year. The CRSB has released a draft of its processing sustainability indicators and invited the public to comment online from June 29 to Aug. 29. Comments will be refined before […] Read more