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Beef 911: We all need to be ever vigilant when it comes to rabies

This fatal disease is very rare, but always be on the lookout for telltale signs

We don’t hear this disease mentioned very often, but when we do there is a very scary connotation attached to it. Rabies is virtually always a fatal disease to all mammals, and zoonotic to humans with no curative treatment once clinical signs develop. Only prevention through vaccination and strong surveillance programs have kept incidence of […] Read more

Coccidiosis affecting young calves in North Dakota

Cattle producers in North Dakota have been losing young calves to coccidiosis this spring, 
an intestinal disease that affects several animal species

Cattle producers in North Dakota have been losing young calves to coccidiosis this spring, according to Gerald Stokka, the North Dakota State University Extension Service’s veterinarian. Coccidiosis is an intestinal disease that affects several animal species. In cattle, it may produce clinical symptoms in animals from a month to one year of age, but it […] Read more

Expanded mandate means higher cost for VBP Plus audits

The national beef certification program has expanded from on-farm food safety to include sustainability, biosecurity and animal welfare

The Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP Plus) program will come with a higher price tag during its second year in Manitoba, but providers say the jump is needed to keep the program cost neutral. Audit costs have increased from $200 to $300 as of May 20. Manitoba Beef Producers general manager Brian Lemon says he […] Read more

Beef 911: Dispelling the myths about steroid use in beef production

Talk about ‘steroid-free beef’ is misleading — they are rarely used and only for very specific reasons

There has been lots said lately about added steroids in beef. Although steroids are used for very specific treatments regarding specific conditions, their use if anything is minimal and has been greatly reduced even further with the NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). This article will go over specific uses where steroids produce beneficial results to our […] Read more

Beef producers react to U.S. NAFTA scare

Manitoba beef producers are watching the discussion over NAFTA closely, 
but both provincial and national beef industry groups say they see a silver lining

Manitoba’s beef producers were initially alarmed by reports in late April that NAFTA was on the chopping block in the form of an executive order to withdraw from the trade agreement. Dissatisfaction with NAFTA was among Trump’s talking points during his 2016 election campaign along with the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which he signed an order to […] Read more

Nerbas Bros. Angus recognized for environmental efforts

Grazing systems and forage are key for the winners of this year’s 
Manitoba Beef Producers Environmental Stewardship Award

The Nerbas family of Shellmouth, Man., isn’t interested in a whole lot of inputs for their forage-only Angus herd. Arron and Shane Nerbas, along with their wives, Amber and Sacha, their children, and their parents Gene and Cynthia, run a 525-head commercial herd and 75 head of registered breeding stock under a mix of summer […] Read more

Cattle destined for grass going to auction instead

Strong demand and rising futures boost sale prices

Prices for cattle at auction marts across Manitoba were sharply higher on the week, leading to an influx of cattle, touching “unheard of” levels in some areas, according to one local auctioneer. “Quite often, by the time we’re at the end of April we’re getting into those 400-, 500-head sales,” said Allan Munroe of Killarney […] Read more

A newborn black angus calf with it's mother

Beef 911: Easy treatments for young calves?

Modern treatments can minimize stress and handling of calves

Over the years many of the effective treatments for bacterial scours and some for pneumonia in newborn calves have been taken away from us. Other antibiotics used in conditions such as viral scours are simply precautionary to prevent secondary bacterial invasion. You all remember products such as synergistin, gentomycin and baytril which have either been […] Read more

Cattle show clinic reveals tricks of the trade

Kirk Stierwalt returned to Brandon for a three-day chute clinic March 27-29 
before the start of the annual winter fair cattle show

Young cattle showers were looking to jump-start their skills with a three-day chute clinic March 27-29, before hitting the ring at the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair. Shannon Carvey, cattle show committee co-chair, said 2017 was the latest in a line of Brandon winter fairs to host clinician Kirk Stierwalt. The clinic launched the cattle portion […] Read more

Twice the beef at Brandon winter fair

The youth-focused show drew a record number of competitors from both Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Cattle show numbers doubled in 2017 at the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair. Shannon Carvey, cattle show committee co-chair, says about 100 head entered the ring from March 27 to April 1, up from the 50-60 head and 20-30 entrants the show normally claims. “We are about twice our numbers that we have been for the […] Read more