Direct Farm Manitoba wants more marketing freedom for farm products

Direct Farm Manitoba, organized in March 2016 to represent farms producing and selling direct 
to consumers, holds first meeting with provincial ag minister

A first meeting with the provincial minister of agriculture has gone well, says a spokesman for a new organization representing direct marketers of farm products. Phil Veldhuis is spokesman for Direct Farm Manitoba, a group organized this spring to promote an improved policy environment for direct-to-consumer farm business. They sat down last week with Ralph […] Read more

Pipestone-area producer Bryce Lobreau planted 15 acres of Linden butternut squash this summer.

Grain growers try their hand at veg production

Canadian Prairie Garden Puree Products Inc., based in Portage la Prairie 
has significantly ramped up its organic product line

Not long ago Bryce Lobreau would have scoffed had someone told him he’d be growing a field of vegetables one day. The Pipestone-area farmer was focused on building up his cattle herd, to become what is now Manitoba’s largest organic livestock feeder, and expanding his land base, now at 5,000 acres of mostly hay land […] Read more

Rolf Penner’s neighbours have put in long hours on the family’s farm this fall helping take the harvest off after Penner’s father was killed in a highway accident.

Tragedy brings out the best in farm community

Within hours of learning their 76-year-old neighbour had been killed in a car accident, farm neighbours began organizing to help harvest the family’s crops

At his father’s funeral this summer, Rolf Penner spoke of how working alongside him on the farm was a bit like being ‘like an old married couple.’ “We would bicker and fight and argue over things, but when it came down to it we were always there for each other,” he said. And they’d always […] Read more

The St. Malo museum closed it's doors forever this spring, after the making of the film.  The collections will be dispersed back to donors this month.

‘The End of Our Memories’ shows the challenges of small-town museums

Gimli-based filmmakers Andy Blicq’s and Huw Eirung’s half-hour documentary interviews 
volunteer proprietors of small-town museums about their struggles and successes

A new film depicting the plight of small-town museums is a cautionary tale of what rural communities will lose if they’re closed, say museum advocates. These aren’t merely collections of curios, tools, books and other things donated by local pioneer families, says Monique Brandt, executive director of the Association of Manitoba Museums. They’re tangible connections […] Read more

New crops and varieties developed here will help expand market opportunities for vegetable farmers, says Keith Kuhl chair of Peak of the Market and Tracy Shinners-Carnelley, the grower co-operative’s director of research and quality enhancement.

Winkler-area research site to help expand markets for vegetable growers

Site will evaluate varieties and crop management techniques for 
fresh-market potatoes and carrots, and even sweet potatoes

Those orange-fleshed sweet potatoes Canadians love eating travel many miles to reach our dinner plates. Most are grown in the southern U.S., where a much longer and warmer growing season makes commercial production possible. Now new varietal research, underway near Winkler, may make field production of them possible in a Canadian climate too. Sweet potatoes […] Read more


Fresh food, practical menus and a healthy way to eat

Two Alberta professors of nutrition designed a 
healthy diet based on our locally produced foods

One of the best steaks I ever ate was at a meal served on a Manitoba Forage Council pasture tour. We’d bounced around on a bus all day, looking at rotational grazing systems and winter feeding methods. Then it was time for supper. We were served these unbelievably tender and flavourful steaks, and baked potatoes […] Read more

Dr. Paul Dhillon is editor of a new book of stories written by 40 rural Canadian physicians. The book 
was launched this past spring and is published by University of Regina Press.

New book details the rewards and challenges of rural medicine

Both sad and lighthearted stories share the experience of what 
it’s really like to be a doctor practising somewhere in rural Canada

Doctors can’t talk about their work, but when they write about it, the stories they tell can make you laugh and cry — and see their profession in a whole new light. Dr. Paul Dhillon realized those stories weren’t being told after assuming his post as a family physician. He works for the Saskatchewan Medical […] Read more

Manitoba’s chief public health inspector says community suppers have a good food safety track record and new guidelines will help make the standards clear to organizers.

New guidelines for community suppers published

Manitoba’s chief public health inspector hopes to silence the critics 
who say food safety rules are too prohibitive

A new provincial guideline for safe food preparation at community dinners should help their hosts know what the public health inspector expects, says the province’s chief public health inspector. He also hopes the Community Dinner Guidelines now posted on Manitoba Health’s website, helps allay concerns that public health inspectors’ food safety requirements are making it […] Read more

Shirley Snider, treasurer with the Carman Dufferin Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee holds their new brochure bearing the QR code to public cemeteries. Committee member Ina Bramadat and Nedra Burnett, the group's chairperson, say they hope their new guide sparks interest in local history and the many varied symbols found on headstones.

Heritage group creates online cemetery guide

A new online guide to local cemeteries will help bring the stories these sites tell to life, say its creators

People once knew how to “read” those chrysanthemums, empty chairs, logs and other symbols on headstones when they visited cemeteries. It’s a visual language mostly forgotten now. But modern eyes instantly recognize a different symbol — a ‘QR code,’ those tiny blocks of black and white squares are for scanning with smartphones to learn something. […] Read more

More than 760 registered threshing team members and 139 threshing outfits are the new world record holders for the largest threshing event in history.  Harvesting Hope at the annual threshing event in Austin was a fundraiser for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

Threshers break world record at Austin

Thousands of spectators at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum July 31 
witnessed threshing outfits from across Canada and the northern 
U.S. stage the world’s largest threshing bee

Hundreds of volunteers donned overalls and heaved sheaves on Sunday to re-enact a Prairie harvest scene on the grandest scale the world has ever seen. More than 148 antique threshing outfits rattled, hissed and ‘chuff-chuff-chuffed,’ tended by 700 participants, in the Guinness World Record attempt at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum for the most threshers operating […] Read more