Volunteers across Manitoba have worked very hard in 2016 to organize sponsorships and bring families to live in their smaller towns and cities.

RDI study examines small-town capacity to settle newcomers

Language barriers and transportation are some of the common challenges for refugees 
settling in rural Manitoba, says five-region study by Rural Development Institute

While anti-outsider sentiment seems to have intensified around the world, small groups in rural Manitoba have been eagerly opening their doors to newcomers. Just under 100 Syrians now make their home in small towns and cities outside Winnipeg, thanks to work by volunteer groups and their offers of housing, furnishings, food, transportation, help finding jobs, […] Read more

The record-setting Harvesting Hope event at Austin July 31, 2016 raised $134,000, which is being split between the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and the Manitoba Agricultural Museum. Barbara MacDonald director of international programs for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, (right) accepts a $67,000 contribution from Elliot Sims, one of the organizers of the July 31 event, Harvesting Hope: A World Record to Help the Hungry. Also pictured (at left) is Harold Penner, Canadian Foodgrains Bank regional representative.

It’s official — Manitoba set the antique harvest record, Guinness World Records says

The event raised $134,000 to be split between Canadian Foodgrains Bank and the Manitoba Agricultural Museum

Manitoba can officially claim the world antique harvest record, according to Guinness World Records. That organization has officially sanctioned the Harvesting Hope: A World Record to Help the Hungry, held July 31 at the Manitoba Threshermen’s Reunion & Stampede in Austin, as the largest-ever simultaneous operation of vintage harvest equipment. More than 8,000 people witnessed […] Read more

ALUS Canada funds acres of ecosystem services, such as wildlife habitat, pollinator meadows, carbon capture, clean air, clean water, and more. Pictured is an example of deer-friendly fencing that allows access to wetland and riparian areas while managing cattle use of fragile areas.

ALUS Canada to launch New Acre Project

Donor dollars will be matched with individual projects they choose

ALUS Canada is setting up a channel to let individuals and organizations financially contribute to projects undertaken by farmers and ranchers. The New Acre Project was announced earlier this month as ALUS Canada acknowledged a $5-million investment from the W. Garfield Weston Foundation to help the organization expand its reach across the country. The New […] Read more

Spotlighting is a growing concern in rural Manitoba and getting it under control will require co-operation amongst stakeholders like landowners, 
hunting groups, regulators and First Nations and Métis hunters, most of whom support banning the practice.

Rural landowners complain shooting at night more frequent

Landowners say shots fired at night sound closer to their properties

Cattle producers and wildlife officials say occurrences of spotlighting — use of artificial lights pointed into the eyes of big game animals while hunting at night — is on the rise and it’s raising fears in rural Manitoba. A spokesman for the Manitoba Wildlife Federation (MWF) said even back in July they were hearing reports […] Read more

Canadian scientist Robert Sandford says there is an urgent need to address and adapt to climate change and its effects on the hydrological cycle.

Western Canada has crossed into an entirely new hydro-climatic cycle, scientist says

Climate change is accelerating hydrology at an even faster pace than earlier thought, making for rapid-fire change

A Canadian scientist says those trying to protect farmland from future floods, and bolster local resilience against other extremes of hydrologic climate change must do so with a sense of urgency. “I hope you’ll see beyond urgency to the emergency we face if we do not act in a timely and effective manner to protect […] Read more

Co-operation between municipalities can help reduce flooding that otherwise results when water problems are simply passed to the next jurisdiction, the ARBI conference was told.

Flood resilience increasing as jurisdictions co-operate: ARBI

By pulling the pieces of the puzzle together, a better and more co-ordinated approach is possible

Flooding remains a persistent threat, but some farmers and landowners living along the Assiniboine, Souris and Qu’Appelle rivers and their tributaries are now better prepared for the next occurrence. Since 2011 five municipalities along with the City of Brandon, working in Manitoba’s Upper Assiniboine Conservation District, have funded and built several new small dams and […] Read more

The former Manitoba Pool elevator in Homewood still shows the spot where the sign once hung.

Brandon University to save MPE archives

The treasure trove of historical documents are being ordered and catalogued

A huge collection documenting the entire history of Manitoba Pool Elevators is being put in order through a project at Brandon University’s (BU) S.J. McKee Archives. Work began this fall to organize textual records in the large volume of documents known by archivists as fonds, but there’s much more work to process a huge volume […] Read more

Dan Mazier, KAP president.

Feds, province invest $432,000 towards farm safety education and training

Keystone Agricultural Producers will administer the new program. 
The hope is for sweeping change in attitudes towards safety, KAP president says

Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) will receive a major cash injection of $432,000 over the next two years to establish a broad-reaching and extensive new farm safety program. The funds announced by both provincial and federal ag ministers last week will flow through Growing Forward 2 and used to provide practical, on-farm expertise, resources and training […] Read more

Springstein-area farmers Andreas Zinn and his mother Monika Zinn are experienced direct marketers who see a growing demand for their production.

Direct Farm Manitoba begins membership drive

Direct Farm Manitoba has merged with Small Farms Manitoba to build up its membership base

Andreas Zinn grew up on a farm in the breeder pullet business, but as a youngster he was mostly interested in his mother’s backyard flock. He’d eventually decide to farm. It was that flock that influenced him most, says Zinn. “I could see both management systems and the benefits of each,” he says. “But I […] Read more

Provincial grants help groups buy mixers and other commercial-grade 
food-processing equipment.

Province kicks in more cash for community kitchen upgrades

A total of $95,000 will help five sites add commercial-grade kitchen equipment to hall kitchens

Five community halls are getting funding to install commercial-grade kitchen equipment. The province is putting nearly $95,000 towards helping groups in Gilbert Plains, Hadashville, Austin, Teulon and Winnipeg purchase products such as convection ovens, refrigerators, dough sheeters and mixers and coolers for hall kitchens. Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler said the money is an important investment […] Read more