Severely malnourished young child.

Antibiotics improve growth in children in developing countries

But researchers say drugs are not 
‘the most viable option’ for treating malnutrition

Farmers and drug companies have known for decades that feeding antibiotics to livestock makes animals grow bigger and faster. Now researchers say they have the same effect on the growth rates of malnourished children. New research published in the British Medical Journal concludes antibiotics contribute to better growth rates among undernourished children in low- and […]

People making millet pancakes in a kitchen.

Will it be millet?

It’s time for the Great Manitoba Food Fight and St. Claude’s Millet King 
is among 10 contestants hoping for a taste of victory

It’s technically a seed, but categorized as a grain because it’s one of the world’s most commonly cooked and eaten staples. Yet North Americans have either never heard of millet, or know it as livestock feed or birdseed. Gluten-free, nutritious millet has a fighting chance to gain popularity with health-conscious consumers too, says a Manitoba […]

CWB building, buying spree continues

The company could cut its federal ties early

CWB’s multimillion-dollar building and buying spree on its path to early privatization continues with the proposed purchase of Prairie West Terminal and its four elevators for $43.13 million. And it’s not done yet. “Our aim is to ultimately have a proper network of port and country facilities and this is a very important stepping stone […]

Manitoba flood bulletin #12: April 23

Province of Manitoba media bulletin Summary A substantial ice jam has formed at the Maryland Street bridge in Winnipeg, creating temporary elevated water levels.  It should clear within the next few hours. A rise in Netley Creek caused by ice jamming at the junction of the creek and the Red River resulted in the precautionary […]

Four men sitting at a conference table

Immunity is the first step in PEDv fight

Heat may prove effective for some producers seeking to eradicate the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus

Getting barns that have been infected by the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv) back to normal is possible — but not easy, a panel of industry officials told Manitoba pork producers last week. “We’ve been told it will happen over time, but it will take a lot of time,” said Greg Boerboom of the Minnesota Pork […]

Cows, calf, and a pig.

Manitoba launches livestock price insurance for cattle, hogs

The program based on Western Canada prices offers better protection than CME futures hedging

A new price insurance scheme for Manitoba livestock producers has officially been launched, but whether there will be a stampede through the gate remains to be seen. Applications for the Western Livestock Price Insurance Program (WLPIP), a new tool to manage risk and withstand market volatility, were unveiled last week by Food and Rural Development […]

Manitoba flood bulletin #11: April 22

Province of Manitoba media bulletin Summary The Red River has crested in Winnipeg. The forecast crest was 19 feet at James Avenue in Winnipeg. It reached 19.17 ft. at 2 a.m., elevated due to a surge in flows along the Red River when the ice released south of Winnipeg. The weather forecast calls for heavy […]

Black and white photo of a prairie grain elevator.

Farmers of yesteryear protected western wheat quality

Blending wheats of different grades was a scandalous crime that drew action from the PMO’s office

Determined to Remove Grievance of Farmers: Sir Wilfred Declares Government Has Secured Evidence of Mixing of Wheat and is Pledged to Punish the Guilty Parties” So reads the title of a front-page article in the Manitoba Free Press of Tuesday, July 19, 1910. The body of the news article reports on a meeting between the […]

Keeping young people on the farm — in Mali

A 'radio reality' series on a local radio station aims to convince young Africans that farming can be a profitable career

It’s a worldwide challenge — convincing young people that farming can be a profitable and rewarding career. In Mali, a rural radio station is taking on the challenge through a contest developed along with Farm Radio International, a Canadian organization that works with more than 500 radio stations broadcasting to millions of farmers in Sub-Saharan […]

Manitoba flood bulletin #10: April 21

Province of Manitoba media bulletin Summary The ice on the Red River in the city of Winnipeg has released and continues to move through the city. Ice from upstream (south) of Winnipeg began to move through the city this morning. Due to the dynamic ice situation in Winnipeg, the water level at James Avenue has […]