Summer flood bulletin #25

Province of Manitoba – Flood Response The Manitoba government, municipalities and other partners continue to work together on flood recovery efforts in western Manitoba. Early estimates indicate that flood response and repairs will exceed $200 million.  This does not include agricultural losses as they continue to be assessed. The provincial state of emergency continues for […]

A field of hay was under water within hours after there was an intentional breach on the west side of the Portage Diversion July 4. It would have been the first hay harvested from the field since 2010. Local landowners want help.

Hazy disaster aid outlook for flooded farmers

There are ongoing discussions, but no action for producers still seeking compensation for 2012 flooding

Contrary to reports last week, governments have not ruled out additional assistance through AgriRecovery for flooded Prairie farmers, an official with Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz’s office said Monday. However, it’s not officially on the table either — at least not yet. The minister’s office was busy trying to clarify reports emerging from a July 18 […]

Property owners affected by Lake Manitoba flooding appeal for public support.

New outlets could begin operating prior to completion

Farmers and residents around Lake Manitoba say flood mitigation is needed immediately 
and the province says it’s on its way

Construction of a second Lake Manitoba outlet to ease flooding for landowners around the lake could begin in less than two years, Manitoba’s minister of emergency measures said last week. “If we see things move ahead fairly smoothly, you could see construction as early as 2016,” said Steve Ashton, who is also Manitoba’s minister of […]

Drying time can be reduced

With wet weather wreaking havoc in many parts of the province, 
some producers are cutting their forage when the weather lets them, not when it’s optimal quality

Farmers use a variety of methods to determine when alfalfa is ready for the first cut of the year, but this season a lot of those methods went straight out the window. “So how many of you are just cutting when it’s dry enough to get on the field?” Dan Undersander, an extension and forage […]

Summer flood bulletin #24

Province of Manitoba –  Assiniboine River – Portage Diversion This morning, flows on the Assiniboine River into the Portage Reservoir were at 47,110 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Flows on the Portage Diversion are approximately 29,610 cfs and flows on the Assiniboine River dikes between Portage la Prairie and Headlingley are 17,500 cfs.  Flows are […]

Kevin Yuill has land on both sides of the diversion channel.

Lingering effects of flood waters not covered by compensation

Repeated flooding along the Portage Diversion has some producers wondering 
how they will keep their businesses afloat

For farmers along the Portage Diversion it’s déjà vu all over again — again. “This is three times in four years for us — a person doesn’t have fun when that kind of flooding is going on,” said Kevin Yuill, who has land on both sides of the diversion channel, which begins just west of […]

Souris farmer Walter Finlay (r) shows KAP president Doug Chorney one of his fields that was too wet to seed this spring.

Short-term aid, long-term solutions needed

The province is assessing whether AgriRecovery can be triggered

Special programs will be needed to help compensate farmers for nearly 3.5 million acres of cropland either unseeded or drowned out by flood waters, Keystone Agricultural Producers said last week. Manitoba farmers need short-term aid through AgriRecovery to offset an estimated billion dollars in losses caused by flooding and excessive rains and longer-term efforts to […]

Summer flood bulletin #23

Assiniboine River – Portage Diversion Flows on the Assiniboine River at the Portage Diversion crested at 3:15 a.m. on July 15 at a flow of 51,480 cubic feet per second (cfs), slightly lower than the earlier summer crest.  Flows are expected to decline slowly. This morning, flows on the Assiniboine River into the Portage Reservoir […]

This is a cabbage butterfly caterpillar feeding on an Arabidopsis plant where, on an adjacent leaf, a piece of reflective tape helps record vibrations.

Plants can hear the difference

They respond differently to vibrations caused by 
chewing insects than to wind

University of Missouri-Columbia – Researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia have found plants can not only tell the difference between the sound waves caused by insects chewing and wind but they respond with more defences. ‘We found that feeding vibrations signal changes in the plant cells’ metabolism, creating more defensive chemicals that can repel attacks […]

Grain shipments contribute to record CP second quarter — July 17, 2014


Canadian Pacific Railway says net income for its second quarter was a record $371 million, 48 per cent higher than a year ago. Total rail revenue for the quarter was up 13 per cent to $1.642 billion over last year, with Canadian grain shipments accounting for the largest share of the increase. They rose 32 […]