Maple Leaf’s Brandon plant is operating at 75 per cent capacity due to shortages of hogs and workers.

Double trouble for Maple Leaf

Pigs and people to 
process them are in 
short supply

Getting more pigs and people to process them into Maple Leaf Foods’ hog-killing plant in Brandon isn’t as simple as putting more dollars on the table, said the plant’s Morgan Curran-Blaney. “There’s not enough (pigs) so you end up stealing from somebody else,” Curran-Blaney told reporters July 10 after speaking at the Keystone Agricultural Producers’ […]

Summer flood bulletin #25

Province of Manitoba – Flood Response The Manitoba government, municipalities and other partners continue to work together on flood recovery efforts in western Manitoba. Early estimates indicate that flood response and repairs will exceed $200 million.  This does not include agricultural losses as they continue to be assessed. The provincial state of emergency continues for […]

A field of hay was under water within hours after there was an intentional breach on the west side of the Portage Diversion July 4. It would have been the first hay harvested from the field since 2010. Local landowners want help.

Hazy disaster aid outlook for flooded farmers

There are ongoing discussions, but no action for producers still seeking compensation for 2012 flooding

Contrary to reports last week, governments have not ruled out additional assistance through AgriRecovery for flooded Prairie farmers, an official with Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz’s office said Monday. However, it’s not officially on the table either — at least not yet. The minister’s office was busy trying to clarify reports emerging from a July 18 […]

This map shows the total precipitation across the Prairies so far this growing season compared to the long-term average. Most of the Prairies have seen average to well-above-average amounts, with the wettest areas located in a northwest swath from Brandon to just west of Saskatoon.

Unsettled weekend but heat building in next week

Issued: Monday, July 21, 2014 · Covering: July 23 – July 30, 2014

The first half of last week’s forecast was pretty much spot on, as the forecasted trough of low pressure moved through our region last weekend bringing with it a mix of sun, clouds, warm temperatures and a few showers and thundershowers. For the first part of this forecast period high pressure looks to dominate, bringing […]

Property owners affected by Lake Manitoba flooding appeal for public support.

New outlets could begin operating prior to completion

Farmers and residents around Lake Manitoba say flood mitigation is needed immediately 
and the province says it’s on its way

Construction of a second Lake Manitoba outlet to ease flooding for landowners around the lake could begin in less than two years, Manitoba’s minister of emergency measures said last week. “If we see things move ahead fairly smoothly, you could see construction as early as 2016,” said Steve Ashton, who is also Manitoba’s minister of […]

Drying time can be reduced

With wet weather wreaking havoc in many parts of the province, 
some producers are cutting their forage when the weather lets them, not when it’s optimal quality

Farmers use a variety of methods to determine when alfalfa is ready for the first cut of the year, but this season a lot of those methods went straight out the window. “So how many of you are just cutting when it’s dry enough to get on the field?” Dan Undersander, an extension and forage […]

healthy groceries, lettuce, cherry tomatoes and vegetables

Study documents benefits of organic farming

Organic crops had 18 to 69 per cent higher concentrations of antioxidant compounds meaning consumers get more nutrition per calorie

Washington State University – The largest study of its kind has found that organic foods and crops have a suite of advantages over their conventional counterparts, including more antioxidants and fewer, less frequent pesticide residues. The study looked at an unprecedented 343 peer-reviewed publications comparing the nutritional quality and safety of organic and conventional plant-based […]


It is easy to see why drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are without a doubt the hottest new technology to hit the Farm Belt. They offer a relatively inexpensive option for comprehensive field scouting, allowing farmers to easily pinpoint troubled spots in their fields for closer inspection. We suspect that over time […]

Most North Americans use velvet antler as dried powder in capsules, for recovery from injury or exercise, to boost testosterone, and improve circulation.

Regaining access to China markets

Tainted food scandals have convinced Chinese buyers that imports are safer

Cervid (elk and other deer) products have been used and prized in China for at least 2,700 years. That makes China a very valuable marketplace for cervid products. Indeed, it was a good market until Canada and the U.S. took action to contain and eradicate BSE in early 2003. China immediately closed its markets to […]

The rooster’s wake-up call

Anyone who has lived on or near a farmyard with chickens is well aware of the rooster’s ability to trumpet the arrival of morning long before the sun peeks over the horizon. But roosters have been delivering a wake-up call of a different sort lately — sounding the alarm over the risks inherent with the […]